About Sewa !

Sewa is a Hindi word which means "Selfless Service" in English. The journey of Sewa as a registered NGO began in 2011. Sewa was established to provide education, Medical, Clothes to the underprivileged children & Slum Areas, to build better lively hood opportunities for the rural and underprivileged urban youth, to enrich quality health services for adolescent Child, girls and women.

The thought process behind us is that quality education is the only medium that can improve the living standards of the poor people. It is the most powerful tool, which can equip them to make informed and intelligent choices about their lives and future. We believes that education is the only weapon to fight poverty and truly empower the children who tomorrow will be the face of India. We seeks to achieve a better tomorrow through the medium of education and unleash the power of knowledge that is inaccessible to millions.

 Sewa Vision
 "A world with no discrimination, no hunger and no poverty."

 Sewa Mission
 "Selfless community services for those who actually need help".
 Sewa Goal
 The above Vision and Mission statements stem from the unflinching faith that we have in the  human potential and capacity. We firmly believe that humans have the ability to create a better  world that is Just, Equitable, Peaceful and Secure, other than merely being able to provide for  greater physical comfort to all.

We further believe that this better world will come about through collaborative efforts as against confrontational stances of all the stakeholders who will steadily rise above with a broader world view and understand ones responsibility in the larger scheme of things.

We have a clear realization that this process will test the patience and perseverance of the change agents like us and we are prepared to stand the test.

We also believe that there are many more individuals and organizations like us who share our dream. We feel happy to meet with them and collaborate.

Sewa Bhav Foundation is a not for profit Society registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, Registration No. 149/2011-12.

Sewa Bhav Foundation, Postal Address: Shop No-6, Maharaja Complex, Niranjanpur, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001, India.

Phone: 91-98974 66002 / 80063 21408   Email: info@sewabhav.org, sewabhav@gmail.com