Sewa Story

I know it was a small beginning it is just too small that even I don't know that "it's a beginning ".I still remembered that it was a sunny winter and exhausted day for me I got stucked in my work so much that even don't have time for my self, I just entered my house and saw that a small little girl is asking for me. I look behind and saw, I know her she was my maid's daughter she looked scared and in a hurry her mother was bitten by a street dog and no one was there to help her even to give her a first aid ,that was intolerable for me after listening all story not wasting a second I run through her house it was near to me, I saw so many people are standing around her but no one is initiating even not her husband, I never seen such an inhuman behavior in my life, I called my brother and rush to the hospital it was near by 5 pm and she got beaten by a dog at 9 am in the morning I was a early bird by 3 hours doctor said you must have lost her if were late by 3 hours, I got her medicated and take her home change her clothes give her some food and until she was able to walk properly I take care for her next few months, now when ever she saw me she use to say that "its my new life which you have given to me." But its not true its only GOD who can give us lives and at that point I thought that there are so may people who need help and if I have the feeling to serve why I should not help them and at this point I decided to start my own NGO named as "Sewa Bhav Foundation" which I have a God gift or born quality to serve.

I am thankful to God who have given me such a wonderful emotion of serving others self lesley, which is now a days not seen easily and also I pray that "Please maintain my this thought in me till I am alive."

Soumya Jitendra Baniwal

Sewa Bhav Foundation is a not for profit Society registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, Registration No. 149/2011-12.

Sewa Bhav Foundation, Postal Address: Shop No-6, Maharaja Complex, Niranjanpur, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001, India.

Phone: 91-98974 66002 / 80063 21408   Email:,